2022 Color Trends

2022 Color Trends

We are lucky to live in an age that allows us to easily transform our homes – or bits of them, just enough to change our mood. A different color is always the star in such circumstances. And although transforming a house into the home you personally adore goes beyond the guidelines of fashion, it’s good to know what’s trendy this year.


Say hello to the 2022 paint color winner(s)

So, what paint color is trendy in 2022? The winner is Benjamin Moore’s October Mist 1495. That’s a subtle sage that’s calm enough to create an elegant environment but also superb enough to make a statement.

The greys have been the superstars for quite a while but now they are squeezed in the back seat leaving room for sage colors – anything from evergreen fog to olive oil green. And so, if you think about it, the greys still make their appearance just not as in the same dominant way they did the years before.

What is noticed is that the prevailing colors in 2022 are all relaxing – yet stunning.

  • Sage green
  • Urbane bronze
  • Pebble beige
  • Subtle grey
  • Off-white
  • Black
  • Lilac
  • Earthy neutral pink
  • Clay

Such colors are superb not only for interior but also for exterior painting. That’s due to their subtle appearance, which is timeless and doesn’t tire.

Did covid play a role in the dominance of subtle home painting colors?

The dominance of such colors may not be random. After spending so much time indoors due to covid, the least we want is to live – and work, in a nice environment. This situation has certainly affected the interior painting trends too. Don’t forget that a large number of people still work from home. The work environment has changed completely. This big change has urged people to want to paint their interior even if it’s not needed just to create a different environment. As far as the 2022 color trends are concerned, the subtle hues become a must to create relaxing home living and home office environments.

There are still some playful pinks and yellows for the kids’ bedrooms but most people go for off whites, sage greens, and other neutrals for the rest of the house to create serene spaces – exactly what everybody needs.

Some refined darks are also welcomed to create lows and highs in different parts of the home. The house painters just need to evaluate the aspect of light and the dimensions of the room to tell you if some dark hues will be alright in which parts of the home and in which parts of a room.

This year’s colors are both serene and powerful

What’s nice with this year’s paint color trends is that the pale sage greens and all other neutrals have some hidden power while at the same time, they bring serenity. On top of that, they become the bridge among other colors – if you want to mix and match, to bring in darks but also use some accents. It’s always nice to have one wall painted turquoise, dark pink, red, or black and let it make a statement all on its own. It brings some leverage and energy to the room. All the same, it is the 2022 neutrals that make it work due to their harmony and ability to stand on their own but also play well with other colors, contrasting or not.

2022 Color Trends

Save the olive greens and the clay hues for the walls and go a tad darker for the kitchen cabinets, painting them gray, black, or blue – if you like. If you love whites, but want to be in style this year, paint the kitchen cabinets a sand/clay hue, bring in marble countertops and backsplashes, and keep the floor wooden. Play it safe with the trims and doors too. If you want a color that will contrast – even a little bit, the harmonious looks of the walls, either choose a hue from this same family or go darker.

What prevails in 2022’s house painting world is a wide range of earthy tones with a few darks to bring drama and add depth, and one or two accents to create some vibrant corners. Overall, don’t be afraid to paint walls, wainscoting, trims, doors, or even ceilings with subtle shades of terracotta, sage, light grey, clay, and similar colors.