About Us

OnBudget Painting is the professional company you can trust for any job. We are the company you can count on for many reasons. What makes our team stand above the competition is our knowledge, the way we approach each job, the years we have spent in this domain, and our hunger to keep up to speed with everything new. Most important of all, we recognize the possible challenges in each job and realize that each property is unique. And so, we are prepared to deal with drywall damage or exterior walls that have suffered a lot from the elements for years. You can count on us for commercial or residential painting services in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario and have complete peace of mind about the way the job is done.

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You get excellent painting, on-budget in the GTA

As a professional painting company in Toronto, our goal is the full satisfaction of the customer. This is achieved when the job is done without a hassle, the end results are astonishing, and the cost is fair. No wonder our company is the number choice for all painting services in Toronto and the entire metropolitan area.

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In our on-budget painting team, we understand that many things determine the quality of the work – from the preparation done to the quality of the paints. We also know that not all walls have suffered the same damage overtime and not all surfaces are the same. And so, we pay attention to everything and make sure the preparation includes more than just removing wallpaper or emptying a space from furniture. The job often includes popcorn ceiling removal. Or fixing drywall and patching imperfections. It involves scraping, sanding, priming and creating a perfect surface before it is painted with the finish coating.

Whether this is a challenging commercial painting service or small job in the home, it is done perfectly without costing you much. We keep all rates reasonable and assure you that all jobs are priced to fit all budgets.

We are here for any & all painting services

We are one of these Toronto painting companies that can do it all. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or a small job in the home or any business facility. It doesn’t matter if you want the kitchen cabinets painted in the house or want the office exterior refreshed. We are on it. You can contact us for exterior and interior painting jobs, residential and commercial.

Our team sends painters Toronto clients can trust for their qualifications, experience, and skills. They prep well the working area and the surface, use the best products, and leave the place neat. In our company, we use the best painting methods, are here to offer consultation about colors, techniques, and patterns, and ensure you get the fascinating results you want.

Expert work by expert painters Toronto clients can trust

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Customers trust our team knowing all commercial and house painters are reliable and experts in their work. The job is done right from start to finish. What’s also important is that we stick to the timeframes, complete all jobs without delay, and are also here for 1-day painting services.