Benefits of Exterior Home Painting

Benefits of Exterior Home Painting

While you shouldn’t be concerned about exterior painting services often, it’s something you should consider occasionally. As a matter of fact, if the painters do a good job, you shouldn’t worry about such a home improvement for years and years. On the other hand, the external walls are affected by the elements too. They may get damaged or just need a facelift to look good.

So, how do you know it’s time for exterior painting?

What’s the strongest indication it’s time to find a home painting contractor for your exterior? Damage. This might be as limited as some chipping paint and some small cracks here and there or intense discolorations and water damage – to name a few.

Home exteriors are made of different materials – stucco, brick, wood siding, cement. And all such materials have different resistant ratings, while the climate of the location and the direction – hence, exposure, of the home will also define how fast wear and tear will take a toll.

Which other factors affect the longevity of the exterior home paints?

The painting service, for starters. And how long it has been since it was done. If the house hasn’t been painted for decades, it’s quite obvious that it will show. And then, the paints used for exterior surfaces also matter a lot. A good painter would use resistant paints, suitable for the wall’s material and also, appropriate for the local climate. Now, if the house was last painted decades back – when the technology and products were not as good as today, the paints would crack. To make the soon-to-do-job last for a long time, make sure to hire a professional painting company.

But don’t forget that no matter how good a job a home painter does,Maintenance maintenance also counts. If you have the exterior painted today and then think about it again 20 years later, chances are high that there’ll be some damage – a serious sign it’s time for you to take action.

Yes, we know what you are thinking. The exterior home painting job cost is considerable, depending on the building’s size and condition, of course. And yes, it may be totally worth it if the exterior wall damage is extensive. But how about if there’s no serious damage? How about if the house was last painted many years ago but the only problem is some color fading? Will it still be worth the expense of the exterior home painting service?

In one word? Yes, it will. And we are about to explain the reasons why.

A fresh exterior paint color makes homes beautiful

With occasional exterior house painting, you bring appearance up a notch. What’s more welcoming that arriving at a home that really looks good? Who wants their home to be the worse in the neighborhood? No matter the color you choose, your home will look elegant – something you totally deserve.

Exterior wall problems are addressed

Even if there’s no severe damage, there’s surely some wear – whether you see it or not. And then again, it’s likely that there IS some damage – and often it’s as serious as mold build-up, water stains and discolorations, rot, broken sections, etc.

When you hire professional home painting contractors for the job, they don’t only apply the coating but also address all sorts of problems. And so, you kill two birds with one stone – you have the exterior appearance improved and the problems solved.

Don’t forget that more often than not, damage on the exterior may become damage in the interior too, especially if it’s related to water. Having such issues fixed and the exterior walls primed and painted won’t only address the exterior concerns, but also prevent interior damage. If that’s not worth considering painting the exterior, what is?

With the right exterior wall paints, protection is increased

Apart from improving the curb appeal and addressing problems, exterior house painting services also prevent issues. Given that the painters use the right products, suitable primers and coatings, and apply at least two layers of paint on the walls, there’s extra protection. With the cracks sealed, damage addressed, and the fresh layers of paint, the exterior walls will be protected from the elements – the whole house will be protected.

The home value skyrockets

There’s also a chance that you want the home exterior painted to sell and gain more. You can bet on it. Potential buyers are driven away from bad exteriors and are drawn to impressive exteriors, to freshly painted homes because they know all the above benefits.

So, whichever way you see it, it’s a win-win. Whether you want to increase the home value or enjoy your property with your family without looking the other way every time you park in the driveway or worrying about exterior – interior, too, damage, exterior home painting jobs are completely worth it. Go for it!