Can White Colors be Interesting? Or, Should We All Yawn?

painterWhite paints can be quite colorful! Think this is a paradox? Maybe, a mistake – a typo? Far from it. It has to do with what’s in the room. It also has to do with the color white. What’s white to you, it’s not necessarily white to me. And then, you should consider the light, the color combination of the textiles, furniture, floor combined. Even all-white rooms are not completely white. Not in a home where people live. And even if there was an all-white room, would it be boring?

Let’s clarify some things.

What’s white to you is yellow to me

Not all whites are the same. That’s something to remember, first-time painter or not. At first glance and when you look at them separately, they all seem to be white. But they do have undertones, making them harder and softer, closer to beige and cream, bright whites or mute. And it’s not just that whites differ. It’s also the way we perceive colors.

What’s white to me may be cream to you and vice versa. The way we perceive, sense, and see things around us, colors included, is not only different but also changes over the years.

White in the South and white in the North are two different whites

home paintingTry staring at a white wall in the morning and then do so again in the afternoon and before the sun comes down. Then, turn on the lights to brighten up the dark room and look at this white wall again. This same white wall will look different – the color will look different, every time you look at it, depending on the light and how it falls on the wall. It makes sense to say that white paints will also differ based on the home’s location, the room’s orientation, the country, the city, the climate.

What we have established so far?

Simply that whites differ by nature and will also differ depending on where you paint. Such differentiations affect the results of the home painting since the white you use may or may not be as bright as you thought it would be. Or it may be duller than you thought. If, for example, you consider beige too traditional, the cousin of brown you so hate, and boring, you will certainly yawn with the results of your interior painting.

Is an all-white room boring?

interior paintingIf white is your first choice for the interior wall painting, it doesn’t mean you are a boring person. It simply means that you love white. People, who love white, may even create all-white rooms. It may be boring to you but it won’t boring to them. And so, it’s all about personal taste and preferences.

Yes, it’s true. When white dominates, there’s a risk of making the room quite dull – nothing for the eye to explore. Some call this minimalistic tranquility mysterious and intriguing though. Some find such environments sufficiently calm to help them sleep.

In any case, don’t forget the effects of light on white. A sun-washed white room will be joyful, bright, luminous, dazzling – anything but boring. But can it be interesting?

White colors become the basis

One of the talents of white colors is that they can create the basis of anything you want to build. They create the pure, crisp, clean canvas and then you can add and subtract colors via furniture, textile, items, upholstery. When you select white for your house painting, you make your life easy in terms of decorating. Any color will splendidly fit.

Yes, white can be interesting

White can be cool, crisp, particularly bright, and mute. It becomes interesting when you choose the right white based on what you want to do. Bright colors are exquisite when you want to put colorful paintings on the wall. White will be particularly interesting if you use it to contrast black or another bold, dark hue. Off-whites, which often come closer to grey, can reduce the austerity that characterizes bold whites. And downsize the antiseptic, sterile appearance white is often accused of creating.

White has a character of its own. It also has moods based on how you use white, the location, the interior design, the other colors brought in the room. You just need to use white well to let it make the room interesting and bring the right amount of warmth needed in every home.