Fence Painting

With professional fence painting, Toronto homes become impressive, stunning. Want to dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal? Let’s talk about painting your fence. At OnBudget Painting, we know the huge role of fences in the overall appearance of a property. Sagging posts, peeling paints, rotten wood all signal decay – not a good thing, whether you are opting for increasing the home value or simply enjoy your surroundings. You will be happy to hear that painting the fence won’t cost you much, while the job is done without delay with fantastic results. Let our team tell you all about the fence finishing methods and how we can improve your home’s exterior.

With pro fence painting, Toronto home exteriors shine

Just the stroke of fresh color is enough to transform the exterior, let alone having the fence painting in Toronto, Ontario, done by true pros. By painters that know how to handle possible wood problems or metal decay, address damage, and finish the fence with the correct paint.

Let’s say there’s a need for wood fence painting. While the ultimate goal is to breathe life into the old fence by staining or applying a new color, the results won’t be the same without some repair work beforehand. Although long-lasting and truly marvelous, real wood is highly affected by all the elements. Come rain or shine, your wood fence takes quite a beating.

The work of the painter is not limited to staining or applying color but also includes addressing all problems. What is usually required? Lots of scraping to remove the old paint. Some fence repairs are often necessary too. Wood is sanded so that the surface is perfectly smooth before it is primed and painted.

Naturally, the fence painter follows a different approach when it comes to metal. In such cases, there’s a need to scrub well to remove the current, often peeling paint and smoothen the material before it’s primed with a product suitable for metal fences.

And so, the advantage of entrusting your Toronto fence painting to our company is that the prep phase is done so well that the final finish adheres well for impressive results. And there’s another benefit of putting your trust in us. Only the right fence finishing methods and products are used, based on the material. Let’s talk more about that.

Fence finishing choices to suit all tastes &Fence Painting Toronto requirements

Having as our ultimate goad to deliver a fence that will make a difference, resist the elements, and bring you joy, we talk with you about the fence finishing options and suggest the best way for your case. The fence finish options?

  • Staining wood fences is the best method if you like the appeal of the natural grain and won’t mind re-staining every few years. While staining is a good way to protect wood, make it shine, give it back its lost luster, it won’t protect it perfectly from water, moisture, and UV rays.
  • Painting wood fences is perhaps the best way to achieve higher resistance to all elements for many years, while refreshing with a new color of your choice.

Whichever finishing method you prefer, no matter the condition of your fence, turn to the masters. Let us transform your exterior with the best in Toronto fence painting service. Feel free to contact us for a quote, ask questions, book an appointment – anything you want.