How to Match Colors

interior paintingEven if you go all-white for your home painting, you still need to decide on accents – and if you want any. And then you need to pick the right white depending on which one you like best and the way the sunlight falls into your house. Now, when it comes to combining colors, things get even tougher. There’s a lot to consider – your home style, the preferences of each member of the family, how easily the home walls get dirty, et cetera. Even if you love whites, this may not be such a good idea with children in the house. Then again, you need to consider the intensity you want to bring in. Green and yellow go well together, but the result is too bright. Can you live with it?

When you talk colors with home painters, talk furniture too

Mixing and matching colors is not only about finding the best hue for the interior wall painting and what color to paint the trim. It’s also about matching all colors present in a room. And so, the colors of furniture, upholstery, and items as well. As a matter of fact, minimalists and all those who love clean lines prefer whites and most hues on the neutral side of the color palette believing that the items – furniture included, placed in a room all become accents – bringing color.

This is something you must always consider and perhaps discuss with the home painting contractor. It’shouse painters often the furniture that drives us to choose wall colors – will the white sofa look good in front of a blue wall? Of course, in order to answer this one question, you need to consider a number of things.

  1. Is this an urban residence or a country home? If this is the latter, you may want to bring in a more country or nautical look. If this is the main home in the city, you may want to go with more elegant choices – usually neutral and subtle.
  2. Are you a maximalist? If so, you may like the blend of several colors and you wouldn’t mind having a blue wall standing as the backdrop of a yellow sofa with lots of colorful cushions.
  3. If you prefer a minimalistic approach, you may prefer the wall behind the white sofa painted grey or white.
  4. It all depends on the color of the furniture and the home style too. If you have wooden furniture but don’t fancy the rustic appearance, you may want to break that with any color but beige and brown. You decide if you prefer the subtle look of white or the vivid appearance of yellows and blues.

Overall, take into consideration the colors of the furniture and all things in the room to create the environment you like.

What color goes well with what color?

Which are the best pairs in the family of colors? Well, the combinations are quite a lot and it all depends on what you like and the style of the home, but let’s take an idea.

  • Yellow/mustard/gold and blues/blacks/greens
  • Whites & blacks – whites & blues
  • Whites, greys, blacks with yellows, pinks, reds, and greens acting as accents
  • Red, cream, yellow, orange
  • Black and gold/orange

Using the color combinations correctly is a must

While matching the right colors – always to your liking, is very important, it’s also important to know what color to use on what part of the home – the ceiling, the walls, the trims, et cetera.

Some awesome interior painting color combinations – some common, some not-so-common, include the following:

  • Black walls and white trims – and vice versa
  • All white – walls, trims, ceilings
  • One color on all walls and one (different) color on all doors and windows
  • One color for the kitchen cabinets, painting the rest of the room a different color
  • One color from the neutral color palette for all walls and one accent wall – painted black, yellow, or green – the color of your choice

Remember that the colors may contrast, be similar yet not the same, belong to the same hue family (neutrals, for example), or be of nearly the same tone and shade. The closer you are to the neutral scale, the less likely you will make mistakes.

Nowadays, you can find apps to help you run a simulation or you can get samples to see what looks better with what in your place depending on the size and light in the room.