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Proudly serving as pro home painters Etobicoke Ontario and all the local requests, our company is ready to offer interior decorative ideas and exterior surface solutions. Tell us what you need, what you want, which project you plan and ask for a free estimate. Should we send you a pro to check your walls, talk with you, assess the condition of the exterior – if the deck needs refinishing? That’s the best way to understand what needs to be done, give you a more accurate estimate, provide ideas and solutions to make your house painting last for long, to make your home the best in the neighborhood.

Yes, we are not the only painting company in Etobicoke! Why choose Painters Etobicoke?

Etobicoke painters! Trust the best for your painting job

Painters Etobicoke

While finding home painters Etobicoke-located is not very hard to do, not all painters are the same. Not all painting jobs are the same either. To add to that, a painting job – even a small project that only includes kitchen cabinets painting, is much more than adding color. Or refreshing the color, for that matter. And that’s why relying on true pros, on a committed and experienced painting contractor makes a world of difference. Should we tell you why?

Don’t you want the best painting contractor on your job?

Painting services involve much more than adding color. And surely, you expect more than just a change of looks and good appearance! Walls take lots of beating, exterior surfaces even more. At the same time, there might be a need for popcorn ceiling removal, while taking into account factors, like the weather for the exterior and possible moisture in the bathroom or basement, is also crucial. These are some of the factors that make our team the best choice for painting jobs. Not only do we send the best home painters Etobicoke’s pride and joy, but also make sure the prep is done in such a thorough way that the results will be long-lasting.

Interior and exterior painting services to meet all needs

  •          Interior house painting
  •          Exterior house painting
  •          Commercial painting
  •          Popcorn ceiling removal
  •          Drywall repairs, ceiling repair
  •          Wallpaper removal/installation
  •          Stone wall (accent) installation
  •          Deck and fence finishing
  •          1 day painting services

This is part of the list of services. Whether this is an exterior or an interior job, the house painters come properly equipped to prep the area, giving their full attention to prepping the surface.

Before it all starts, our company can consult you in terms of colors, textures, finishes, offering decorative solutions that will make your house feel like home to you, in every way. Ready to talk textures and finishes?

Etobicoke homes, get ready for quite a transformation with top painting

From residences in Humber Valley Village to condos with amazing views of the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, all houses become luxurious and cozy homes with the right painting job. With us, you get onbudget painting solutions, too.

When you put your trust in the hands of the best in Etobicoke painters, you don’t only get tailored suggestions and decorative interior ideas, but also the best solutions for the exterior. You actually rely on pros that won’t only bring color to your life but add years to your exterior and will remove all imperfection from indoors, adding a splash of elegance. Exactly what you need. Why don’t you call to book a free estimate? That’s the first step to working with painters Etobicoke residents trust for years. Won’t you?