Monochromatic Painting. Yes, It Can Make Interiors Vibrant

monochromatic color schemesUnabashedly daring, monochromatic color schemes remove the commotion of polychromatic choices from the home and bring in consistency. Those habituated in marrying reds, greens, blues, and whites might feel scared to try out this path of matching shades. Wouldn’t it be boring? Not at all. Still, it takes some knowledge to follow this route without falling into the trap of boredom. And we are going to enlighten you and help you do just that because monochromatic painting is the best choice to make the interior both vibrant and relaxing.

What is monochromatic painting?

Monochromatic literally means the use of one sole color. In the world of interior painting, it means that one color becomes the base color of all main structural elements – walls & ceilings. Interior designers take it a tad further, including more colors but only from the same hue family.

Since one color prevails throughout the house or at least, in a room, the color is neutral. Reds, greens, and other vivid colors are too intense to occupy large surfaces. Whites, creams, beiges, blacks, grays are the dominant colors of monochromatic homes.

Why choose a monochromatic scheme for your home’s interior?

interior paintingWhat’s one of the first things you would ask a painter? Most likely, which color would be best for your home! With monochromatic schemes, you remove the daunting task of finding colors to match your home style from the equation.

Yes, monochrome is monotonous. The repeated color becomes mute, but this is an advantage. It lets other things talk – little items, the furniture, some paintings on the wall. It’s also the best way to bring out contrasts. It allows you to play with colorful objects and things that can be easily replaced, while the backdrop remains neutral and always ready to embrace any other color in the room, whether in the form of furniture or fabrics. No wonder monochromatic schemes are ideal when you like focal points. Imagine an all-white home with a few colored pops that become the perfect accents, which shake things up.

At the same time, you get a simplified elegance that cannot be surpassed. At the very least, monochrome interior painting brings consistency – the ultimate way to achieve charm, to make the indoors chic. Monochromatic schemes are bold and intense, and with the right combinations, they can make interiors really vibrant. Which are these ways and combinations?

Who said there’s only one white?

interior paintingOnce the base color is chosen, the home painters build around it. Today, monochrome schemes follow the tips of the designers and involve several shades of the same hue family. Since monochromatic schemes involve neutral colors, we actually talk about whites or blacks, greys and creams and all tones close to them. And so, all walls may be white and the trims gray. Or, all walls may be white and one wall painted black – here’s a contrasting element. And don’t forget that there’s not just one white or just one black either. These colors may be darker and lighter, and their combination breaks the monotony of the base.

Is your favor color the best choice for your monochromatic paint?

Let’s say you love yellow! Would you ask from the house painters to make the whole interior yellow? No! As we already explained, vivid colors do not play the role of the base. Only neutrals play this role. But how about if you hate white and cream, and insist on yellow? That’s the advantage of having the interior painted white or any other neutral. It would act as the backdrop – the silent base, of the room, where your favorite yellow will dominate in the objects, blankets, cushions.

The key to making monochromatic schemes interesting

The monotony of one sole color breaks with the use of lighter or darker shades, accents and also, patterns. You can use the same neutral colors to create harlequin patterns or stripes. You can use stencils. You can sponge paint some walls or the kitchen cabinets. Or, you can use hardware, like door knobs or kitchen cabinet handles, to bring texture. And one last thing. Don’t forget the effects of light. The same exact color looks different under different light conditions.