New Home, Old House – Benefits of Painting

Interior house painter TorontoMoving to a new house is not as exciting as it sounds. Now, moving to a place, which is about to become your new home but it’s actually an old house, makes things even tougher. How will painting spare you of some premature depression and a sudden nervous breakdown? We are about to talk about that right now.

Think interior & exterior painting is an exaggeration?

Do plan interior and exterior painting before you move in. The thing with old houses is that they are old. As simple as that. The materials are different, the layout of the house is different, and things may have started falling apart, even if you don’t see them. What you might find in an old house?

  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Old wallpaper
  • Peeling paints
  • Ceiling discolorations
  • Worn kitchen cabinets
  • Weathered fence/deck

You get the picture. Even if there was an attempt to fix things up before selling, an old house comes with the burden of years in its back. That calls for some respect but also some fixing, before you move in.

Why should you paint the house before moving in?

house paintersSimply put, it’s easier. It’s easier for you, it’s easier for the house painters. You don’t have to move furniture and go through the hassle of settling into the new home just to unsettle a week later. Then again, if there’s a need for popcorn ceiling removal, for example – a task that’s quite demanding and makes a mess and lots of dust, it’s best if it’s done before you move in.

Overall, it’s best to do all repairs, the painting, and the changes you want before you move in. This would give you the chance to clean up well before you move in and thus, settle into a fresh environment. Back to painting now.

How will interior painting change the situation for the better?

It’s much more than making the old, beige walls white. Not that a fresh finish won’t make a huge difference, but home painters usually take care of all surfaces. Old houses are often bruised. They have seen their share of damage – often by water leaks, hence, the wall or ceiling discolorations. By having a team of painters taking care of your interior, all blemishes will be fixed – not hidden under a new color. And that’s the most important thing. When you move in, you won’t only enjoy a freshly painted home but know that underneath these beautiful colors, there are no flaws and imperfections.

Yes, but why paint the exterior too?

Exterior residential painting TorontoWhile we mostly focus on interior painting jobs, we forget that it is the exterior that suffers the most. And when we are talking about the exterior, we mean everything – the walls, the deck, the siding, the fence, the fascia. Isn’t it best to have some minor problems fixed and all these surfaces painted, instead of getting a new fence, for example?

The advantage of painting, old houses become new, healthy homes

Avoiding the replacement of things, like the kitchen cabinets or the fence, is one more reason why painting the exterior and the interior is the best thing you can do for your new, old home. It’s the cheapest way to renovate and actually, have the cake and eat it too. When you buy a house, your bank account is seriously hurt. And so, painting the home gives you an alternative. You can have the old house rejuvenated, making it your new home, without spending much.

That feeling is enhanced if you consider that the painting services include lots of fixing – even drywall installation, if you wish. Also, professional painters know materials and many old houses do not have drywall but plaster walls, wood paneling, exposed brick. They also help you choose colors and, in fact, they may help you choose shades that will bring out the vintage look of the old house, while giving it the spruce up needed to align with your expectations from the new home. It’s a win-win, any way you see it.