Painting Experts: Make Neutrals Your Friend

home paintersAsk 100 home painters and they will all tell you the same thing. Homes painted with neutral colors are far more exciting and impressive than those painted with bold colors. Bold is great, neutral is greater.

There’s a misconception that choosing neutral colors for the interior painting is not trendy but kind of boring. We are here to tell you otherwise. We may love the intensity of colors but also know that oftentimes the neutrals are bolder than the bold.

Neutrals, by definition, are colors without color. Traditionally, we talk about beiges, grays, creams, and all shades of white. Their undertones too. And so, the range of neutrals is not limited, if you consider the many whites or the undertones of beige – anything from pink to tan and gold. Lately, some basic greens, reds, and blues have joined the neutral palette, giving room for more creativity indoors to homeowners and house painters alike.

Simply put, these days neutrals are stunning, offer numerous choices for fantastic interior house painting combinations, without losing their prime character – that of calmness. And that’s one basic reason why we say yes to neutrals, followed by many more. Take a look.

Calm homes painted with neutrals

It’s not a coincidence that neutral colors are called this way. They reflect nature and that’s why all basic neutrals and their undertones range from whites and browns to grays and reds. These are all calm, subtle colors that create tranquil environments, if this is your objective. However beautiful and energetic bold colors are, neutrals bring even more energy through the relaxation they provide.

Neutrals let art or furniture pop

Since neutrals are subtle, they support other colors in the room. They also let art and furniture pop, making them the focal points they deserve to be. In other words, neutrals remain mute, offering a beautiful backdrop and allowing you to be creative in the room. This is one smart way to go since you can easily change the interior décor, the upholstery, art work – hence, the looks of the room depending on your current preferences. And the neutral wall colors will always support your decisions and moves.

Neutral colors pop too

Due to the wide range of neutral undertones, the combinations you can make are endless – lilacs, browns, grays, whites, eggshell. And they may become bold too if combined with bold colors. One classic example is that of the black and white combo – a high-contrast scheme that makes the neutral white bold too.

Go with all styles

house paintingIt doesn’t matter what your home style is, neutrals will be a perfect match. They are excellent for all extremes – from maximalist to minimalistic home interiors. They are great for country homes, eclectic styles, modern décors, rustic designs – name it. Don’t forget that the home painting creates the foundation of the interior design. The colors form the backdrop in front of which you are allowed to build your style. The neutrals allow you to do so in spite of your personal aesthetic preferences.

You will never get tired of neutrals

Neutrals are timeless. Thanks to their calmness and classic elegance, these colors have always been and will always be welcome. And it’s not just due to their natural beauty but also due to the fact that they go unnoticed. They bring in charm without screaming. You simply love the interior and cannot really put your finger on the reason why. That’s why everyone loves neutrals and nobody grows tired of them.

Neutral colors are cool not cold

Neutrals are cool, not cold. One who goes for an all-white house does so by choice and still can warm up the space with white undertones. But if you pay a closer look at the neutral color schemes, you will notice that most shades are soft, warm, truly cool for modern homes, especially when combined. Who doesn’t want a cool home?