Painting the Home Office to Enhance Productivity

Painting the Home Office to Enhance Productivity

Painting colors affect our mood. The way we perceive colors affects our behavior overall. When we talk about colors in working spaces, they surely affect our productivity. It’s hardly surprising that commercial painting companies first focus on understanding the customer’s nature of business before suggesting colors. The goal is to create an ideal environment where employees will feel comfortable working.

Painting the Home Office to Enhance ProductivityNow that remote work thrives, we hire house painters to suggest solutions for enhanced productivity in residences. With the pandemic, many people started working at home and some still do. Or, at the very least, they have a workstation at home where they complete some tasks.

Switching from domestic to business is hard enough as it is. And so, all those people who work at home need to have an inspiring environment. Many factors contribute to home work productivity, no doubt. It’s having an isolated space, the right equipment, the appropriate furniture, and more. It’s also about working in a room painted with colors that will only benefit your business.

How easy is it to choose colors for a home office?

Painting the Home Office to Enhance ProductivityIt’s not always easy. That’s because different people have different reactions to different colors depending on their location, overall region, and nature of business. Take white, for example. While it’d be a great color for interior house painting since it will add tranquility and will also be a great choice for a clinical environment, it will not boost productivity. It will be the wrong color in a home office where people need to be inspired and creative.

Then, it has to do with the doses of colors used in a home office. Too much of any color won’t be good. Take yellow, for example. In small doses, yellow can boost creativity. Yellow fills people with optimism, energy, and happiness. But if it’s overused, it will cause fatigue.

How much natural light your home office gets? Overall, natural light coming in from big openings is a good thing. At least, for most businesses. That’s due to the ability of sunlight to boost our mood which automatically translates into having a positive attitude that can increase productivity.

When you try to decide on home office colors, consider how they will look throughout the day. Don’t forget that the same color will look different in different parts of the same room. It depends on how much sunlight and from which angle this part of the room gets.

Warm vs cool painting colors

Painting the Home Office to Enhance ProductivityIn most cases, warm colors overstimulate while cool colors are calming. The truth is that there are debates about color psychology. Much research has been done and too many papers have been published about it, especially when it comes to choosing between cool and warm colors. That’s because people experience cool and warm colors differently depending on how many cool and warm colors exist in one room, the type of work, and their own perception of colors. Some studies have shown that cool colors reduce productivity while others have shown that they boost creativity because people tend to generate ideas in such environments. Then again, productivity and creativity are two different things – not always and not completely, but they are different.

The way we perceive colors is essential

Factors, such as gender, age, culture, type of business, background, and others impact the way people perceive colors. By extension, they impact workplace color preferences. Consequently, there’s no fixed answer as to what color will better boost productivity. The safer approach is the right color combinations by taking into consideration the size of the room, sunlight, personal preferences, the type of business, the person’s duties, how much time one works, and more.

One thing all studies agree upon is that blue is the preferred color for working spaces. Blue brings harmony to spaces and, by extension, reduces stress and helps the brain concentrate. Once again, it depends on what shade of blue you use. Too dark shades are too gloomy and may bring the opposite results. Painting the entire room blue is not a good idea either. It’s best to mix and match the favored colors for productivity-boosting. Like having blue walls, yellow accents, and a red chair for high energy. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of personal preferences but color balance is always a good option.