Brick Wall Painting

While brick walls are truly sensational, it might be time to add some color. Is it time for brick painting in Toronto, Ontario? If so, don’t fret. Brick might be difficult to paint but with the right team by your side, you have nothing to worry about. Whether you want interior or exterior brick wall painting in Toronto, our company is at your service and ready to take action. Should we?

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The whole secret of successfully completing a brick painting Toronto job is to take into account the location, the elements, the condition of the material, the paint – everything. Our company’s professionalism to look at all these aspects combined with the years we have devoted in this business makes us the best choice for such jobs. While a rather demanding job, we make brick painting seem easy, creating the atmosphere and appearance you so much want, ensuring fabulous results. Let us explain how it’s all done.

Interior brick wall painting service

Exterior brick wall painting service Toronto - OnBudget Painting

What precedes the actual interior brick wall painting is the prep work. This is the most important phase of such jobs. The difficulty lies primarily on the material. As a porous material, brick is not easy to paint. And then, there might be damage. The intention is not to cover the imperfections, damage, or even mold with paint but offer solutions. And that’s what the home painters do.

Interior brick wall painting service Toronto - OnBudget Painting

At another level, we pay attention to the paints used for the brick stone wall interior painting job. We take into account the setting, too. There’s often a need to paint a brick fireplace. And while you may be tired of the natural tones of brick, choosing a light hue won’t be a perfect choice, considering the fireplace’s smoke. On the other hand, white might be perfect for the bathroom brick walls. But in such environments, we need to consider the element of humidity.

With our team here at OnBudget Painting, you don’t worry about such things or the outcome of the service. We use the right brick paints, offer the best color options, and follow all steps required to prep the surface for excellent results. Ready to talk brick colors?

Exterior brick painting service

Is the brick wall you want to paint outdoors? No problem. We excel at exterior brick painting as well. As a matter of fact, we pay equal attention – as indoors, often, more to ensure the appropriate paints are used and the proper prep is done for the avoidance of bleeding, fading, and peeling at a premature age later.

The brick painters take care of chips, remove mold, smooth the surface, prime and when the entire prep phase is completed, only then do they apply the final finish.

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Should we start talking about brick wall painting solutions?

Tell us if you like to change the looks of your brick house by painting the exterior! Let us know if you want to make the bathroom or bedroom brighter with a new brick wall color! We have the know-how, the experience, the means, and the professionalism to complete all brick painting Toronto jobs to the full satisfaction of our customers. Want to be our happy client too?