Crown Molding & Trim Painting

With a fresh color and professional crown molding and trim painting Toronto living rooms, bedrooms – all interiors gain back their luxurious feeling. Since the trick to all successful painting jobs is to properly prep the surface and use the right paint for the material – apart from applying the coatings flawlessly, trust such jobs to our company.

At OnBudget Painting, we have experience with trimwork – all types from door casement to crown moldings. And not only do we ensure exceptional service but also great trim and crown molding painting ideas – always at a very low cost.

Crown molding and trim painting in Toronto just became easy

Let our team know if you want crown molding and trim painting in Toronto, Ontario. Do you feel that the trims at your home look dull, dirty, ugly? Or you just want to try a new color? Turn to us. And don’t hesitate to call whether you want the entire house painted, the trims included, or just these architectural elements painted. Let us know more about your trims or send a pro to check their material and condition, and soon your home’s trimwork will be painted.

trim painting

Painting crown molding & trim: the process

One of the first priorities of the home painters is to check all crown moldings and trims in the home. Once the work areas are all prepped, the pros fix damage and clean well the trims and the crown molding. This is essential. Paints don’t adhere well on dust. No wonder the painters focus on cleaning well the trims and the crown. Then they sand the surfaces to make them smooth and so, ensure the excellent adherence of the paint.

Let us assure you that the service includes the painting of all trims and crown moldings in the house, including the doors, the baseboard, the door and window casement – everything. Have no worries.

trim and crown molding painting

Why trust our company with your trim and crown molding painting

Even wide crown molding profiles and baseboards are hard to paint with precision – let alone narrow designs. No surprise our company’s experience will make a difference. Do you know in which other manner our expertise will go a long way? Not all crown moldings are made of the same material. Is your home’s crown molding made of wood, MDF, Polyurethane? Is there flexible crown molding at home too? The way each surface is prepped and the paints chosen both depend on the material. And then, it’s about choosing a suitable finish paint to meet your style requirements. Don’t you need help with all that?

Interior crown molding and trim painting solutions & color options

Our company offers color consultation, if you are tired of the white crown molding. If you want to change the colors of your doors and trims. And we also offer crown molding and trim color ideas and combination solutions to help you choose among styles. Want white on white walls? Prefer black trims to contrast the white or colored walls? Let’s work together to find solutions for your interior. Whether this is a plain cornice or an intricate dentil crown molding, have no concerns about the results. Just say you want crown molding & trim painting in Toronto and let the masters take over. Like that?