Exterior House Painting

For superb, long-lasting exterior house painting Toronto homeowners should make just one call. A call to our company. While all painting jobs are demanding and require huge expertise, exterior surfaces raise some challenges. Don’t you want the best team on the job? Let us tell you how it’s all done with us and why OnBudget Painting is the company to trust for such jobs.

Toronto exterior house painting services

Experienced with all materials – hence, surfaces, we are the best choice for exterior house painting in Toronto, Ontario. The most common materials used in the construction industry for outdoor surfaces range from stucco and wood to aluminum and composite – just to name a few. And while some are more durable than others, they are all affected by the elements and need very thorough preparation before the exterior painting coating is applied.

With that said, the exterior painting service may include any of the following steps:

  • Scraping
  • Washing
  • Sanding
  • Fixing decks
  • Caulking doors & windows
  • Patching holes & cracks
Exterior House Painting Toronto - OnBudget Painting

The last stage? The home painter primes to create another layer of protection and make sure the final coating adheres well. Once all the above – necessary, steps are completed, the exterior surfaces are painted with the finish coating.

Exterior House Painting Toronto - OnBudget Painting

Home exterior painting service: how it’s all done

While each exterior painter of the team knows exactly what to do to finish outdoor surfaces to perfection, not all materials are the same. Not all walls, siding, and decks are in good shape. To see what needs to be done and also, give you a more accurate exterior painting service estimate, a pro comes to your home to check the surfaces, their condition, talk to you – the works.

One vital detail that makes a difference in the results, the longevity, even the aesthetics of the work is the paints. Not all paints are suitable for all surfaces. Our team doesn’t only use paints designed for outdoor applications but also perfect for the wood, composite, or stucco surface. While we talk with you about the overall appearance of your home’s exterior, the colors and style you like, we always use the correct paints. Our goal? To ensure the paint’s full and long resistance to the Toronto weather and all elements. And this is one main reason why we are the best choice for exterior house painting jobs.

Excellent exterior painting, on-budget, great customer care

With every exterior house painter counting years in the field, the appropriate products, and meticulous prep work, the results are stunning. Not only will your home’s exterior make an impression but will also remain superb for years to come.

Now, if you add to all that the fact that we offer color consultation, do all required for the job, work fast but not in haste, and deliver as planned without charging much, one may wonder why you haven’t called us yet to get an estimate!

Getting onbudget painting for your home’s exterior without lifting a finger or worrying about a thing is as easy as dropping us a message. Or making a call. Why don’t you do just that? Simply get an estimate, talk to us about your exterior house painting Toronto needs, let us transform your world, improve the curb appeal. Wouldn’t you like that?