Garage Door Painting

The easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective garage door makeover? Refreshing or changing the color! Don’t think about it. If you are even considering garage door painting in Toronto, Ontario, let’s get on the phone. While this is one of the simplest home improvements with a tremendous impact on the curb appeal, it’s surely a tricky job. It requires expertise, skills, knowledge, experience – complete commitment too. Should we tell you how we do it and why entrusting your Toronto garage door painting service to us is the wise thing to do? Sit tight. It’ll take a minute.

The advantage of leaving garage door painting in Toronto to us

With countless garage door painting Toronto jobs under our belt, we can talk about an enormous experience in such projects. And since we suspect you are likely wondering why we make such a fuss over that, let us tell you this. While all painting jobs are quite demanding – especially the ones concerning exterior surfaces, garage doors are a category on their own. Why? It has to do with the mechanism. This is not a wall, but a moving, huge door with a complex operating system and many parts. Paint residue on the garage door tracks will affect the door’s performance. That’s why choosing us as your garage door painting contractor is the wise thing to do. We pay attention to everything, do everything by the book.

garage door painting Toronto -After- OnBudget Painting

The right paints for steel or wood garage doors

Painting aluminum garage door panels, choosing the right color for wood, selecting the right product for a steel material are all demanding tasks. So, it’s not only about the way the painting job is done but also about the paints chosen based on the door’s material. By choosing OnBudget Painting for this job, you have complete peace of mind that the job is done right.

Whether there’s a need for wood or steel garage door painting, we offer the best solutions, paints, color consultation. If you use the wrong paint on an aluminum garage door, for example, it won’t adhere well. And then, it has to do with the whole prep work before the actual steel or wood garage door painting takes place. Let us tell you about that too.

garage door painting Toronto -Before- OnBudget Painting

Garage door painting services are expertly done, from start to finish

While painting a garage door with the appropriate coating based on its material is crucial, the whole prep phase will go a long away too. To ensure perfection, to make sure they’re no repercussions to the garage door performance, the painters come fully prepared. They cover all garage door parts and the area to ensure protection, they disengage the electric opener, and then they get started.

The first step of a painting service for garage doors includes washing and cleaning. Since garage doors – especially the outer surface, is exposed to debris, dust, and the elements, everything must be cleaned well. Once the dirt is removed and the door is clean, the surface is sanded – properly treated, primed and painted – as required depending on the material. See? Nothing is left out. Nothing is done at random. You have nothing to worry about. Whether you want a new color or the existing one refreshed, your Toronto garage door painting job is done to a T. Should we set a service date?