Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Committed and experienced, our company is the best choice for kitchen cabinet painting Toronto services. As a matter of fact, we serve the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario and assist our customers in boosting the looks of their kitchen without spending much. That’s the whole point of having the kitchen cabinets painted. It’s a splendid home improvement without breaking the bank. When trusted to OnBudget Painting, the service is done on time, with attention to all details, expertly, and on-budget – naturally.

Choose us for your kitchen cabinet painting Toronto service

If you plan a kitchen cabinets painting in Toronto or the greater area, let’s talk. In our company, our goal is to transform homes into ideal places where you can enjoy a beautiful and healthy environment without having to spend a fortune. The kitchen is often the most used room. Its cabinets might have suffered a lot over the years, especially if the kitchen is used often or the house is old. And then, not all cabinet materials are the same. Not all tastes are alike. Our OnBudget Painting team takes all that into consideration to provide the best to every customer – the best in ideas, colors, paints, and final finish.

Wondering if we are the right choice for your project? Let us help you make a decision.

  • We are experienced kitchen cabinet painters with countless jobs under our belt.
  • Aware that not all cabinets are the same, we focus on your kitchen, your needs, your requirements, your expectations.
  • The kitchen cabinet painting service starts on time, is completed as scheduled, doesn’t take long, and is done to perfection.
  • We only use high-quality paints, suitable for the material of your cabinets for long-lasting results, and absolutely harmless.
  • The painting service is provided with high-quality equipment and attention is paid to all details.
  • The area is prepped thoroughly and the kitchen is left spotless when the service is completed.
  • You don’t have to pay a fortune to have the kitchen cabinets painted. We are an on-budget painting company and honor our name.

Excellent kitchen cabinet painting methods

The home kitchen cabinet painting methods vary based on the material and your expectations. The kitchen cabinets can be removed and painted with sprays for a smooth finish or the paint can be applied with rolls and brushes. In either case, there are no drips. The finish is perfect. Naturally, the cabinets are sanded so that the primer and the final paint will adhere better and last longer.

Trendy kitchen cabinet finish without costing you much

The cabinet painting cost varies and depends on several factors, like the size of the kitchen and thus, the number of cabinets. Overall, the factors that affect the price of this project include the number of doors and their size, the painting method, and the paints you choose. But don’t you worry. Our prices are affordable and we will be happy to give you an estimate.