Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Is it finally time for popcorn ceiling removal in Toronto, Ontario? Making this decision is actually like taking a step toward a more modern interior – a healthier home too. Popcorn ceilings dated a few decades back contained asbestos, which is really harmful to the human health. And so, even the process of removing popcorn ceiling is not safe if you don’t have the experience, the gear, the knowledge. On top of that, removing such ceiling textures is really hard, particularly if they are painted. Avoid safety risks, refresh the home interior, and have this job done right by reaching OnBudget Painting.

Toronto popcorn ceiling removal – the benefits

With popcorn ceiling removal, Toronto interiors become healthier. And that’s the major benefit of having such ceilings removed. On top of that, it’s the best way to modernize the interior style. While popcorn ceilings were the interior decorative norm about 50 years ago, they are now considered outdated. At that time, they were the number one ceiling texturized motif – a ceiling type that also had the quality of absorbing sound. Today, there are more advanced methods of sound insulation, while such texturized ceiling designs are out of fashion. But the most critical reason for removing popcorn ceiling is that some old ones contain asbestos. Is your home old? Don’t wait. Talk with us. Make an appointment for the popcorn ceiling removal.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Toronto - OnBudget Painting

Experienced in removing popcorn ceiling

Why us? Because our team has been removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing for many years. And then, removing popcorn ceiling with asbestos requires expert know-how, the appropriate equipment, gentle approach. Plus, with or without asbestos, popcorn ceiling is not easy to remove. Especially if it’s painted.

At our company, we take all precautions required to remove popcorn ceiling – with or without asbestos. The process includes preparing the whole area meticulously, since there’s lots of dust in the room when the popcorn ceiling is removed. When the substrate is finally revealed, its imperfections are filled and fixed, the surface is sanded and smoothened, and when the last phase of priming is completed, the ceiling is painted.

All such steps are done in a thorough manner – always by expert home painters, while your room is left clean. Why worry? You have us.

Reasons to remove popcorn ceiling and refinish?

Why go through the hassle if your popcorn ceiling is not that old and doesn’t contain asbestos? Apart from the dated aesthetics, such texturized ceilings are hard to clean while they too get dirty. If there’s been some leak at one point, the ceiling might have turned yellowish. Isn’t it best to have it removed and refinished?

Why don’t you make contact with our company to get an estimate for your Toronto popcorn ceiling removal and the finishing of the ceiling? Don’t you want a fresh start – one without harmful substances, in a modern, truly refreshed environment? Let’s get some details on the table. Shall we?