Wallpaper Removal and Installation

To get damage-free wallpaper removal and installation Toronto service done to perfection, you have one thing to do. Contact our company. Wallpaper is a nice alternative to fresh colors; a great wall covering solution. But it makes a statement only when it’s installed flawlessly and doesn’t have bubbles and imperfections. And so, worn old wallpaper must be removed. And if you want wallpaper to act as an accent wall or decorate an entire room, the way it is installed matters. Put your trust in our expertise. Our company is ready to offer solutions. Ready to discover your options and how can OnBudget Painting be of assistance?

Best choice for both wallpaper removal & installation in Toronto

We are here for both services, wallpaper removal and installation in Toronto, Ontario. Removing wallpaper without taking a year to do it and without causing damage is not easy. To have such home improvements done right turn to our company. Expect proficient work, whether you want wallpaper removal or new wallpaper installed. Or both, for that matter. We serve with equal zeal and professionalism, whether you want wallpaper removed and the drywall fixed and painted or wallpaper installed at another part of the house. So, don’t think about what our company can do, but what you like to do to change your interior. The best news is that we do it all, we do it well, and are an onbudget painting team. Great combo. Don’t you agree?

Wallpaper installation and removal service -After - OnBudget Painting

Wallpaper removal done effectively

Wallpaper removal is much harder than you may think. It depends on its material, how long it has been on the wall, if there’s been some water leak, how was it installed – the whole nine yards. Instead of struggling to remove wallpaper yourself, turn to us. We do it fast and well. Why waste time, get annoyed, and face the wall imperfection hidden underneath? Let us take over. After all, you might need new wallpaper installed once the old one is removed. And if you don’t, the wall must be painted.

Another benefit of turning to our company for wallpaper removal is that we are ready for both a new install and painting. Let’s say you don’t want wallpaper installed. The painters clean the wall, fix drywall imperfections, sand and smooth the surface, prime and finally, apply the color of your choice.

Wallpaper installation and removal service -Before - OnBudget Painting

Wallpaper installation done to perfection

Do you want wallpaper installation? You might want that once the old wallpaper is removed or wallpaper on another wall. Or you might not have wallpaper in the home now, but like to invest in a nice pattern for the bedroom or living room. No problem. We’ve got you covered on all occasions. And always send a proficient, really experienced wallpaper installer.

Let us assure you that our onbudget painting team is experienced with the traditional wallpaper, products made of fabric, all sort of wallcoverings. We provide solutions for all rooms, while the pros have the experience required in handling all these rolls of wallpaper and installing on walls of all sizes with exceptional workmanship.

So, tell us. Are you tired of looking at the same motif, or the wallpaper is already dated or damaged? Want to decorate walls with wallpaper? Whether you want one of these services, or both wallpaper removal & installation in Toronto, just grab the phone and talk with us. Why don’t you do just that now?