Wall Painting Techniques: Time to Get Creative

interior painting There are so many ways to make the interior interesting today that it’s truly easy to say no to the stagnant painting palette of strict whites and boring beiges! It’s all about finding a perfect painting technique for one wall and see the whole room transformed!

Wall painting techniques are playful, bring a flat texture (if we could ever marry these two words) and make a statement in a very bold way. For this very reason, you will know when enough is enough. Using painting techniques on the wall is awesome, when there’s no overkill. The whole point is to use these techniques to create a focal point or create a fabulous nursery room or use one wall to make the dining room splendid.

The results are truly great. Just pick your color of choice, grab your brushes, and see which wall painting technique suits you best.

Stripes: the timeless painting technique

If you like stripes on your wall, you will also love the infinite ways to use them to paint and make each room different. See, there’s not only one way of painting stripes. The stripes can be horizontal or vertical, thin or thick, of contrasting or similar colors. The technique may be applied on the entire wall or just a column to make a statement.

Stencils: the alternative interior painting method

Stenciling walls can go a long way. First of all, there’s a myriad of stencil designs of all shapes and sizes. You can use the same stencil to create a repeated motif on the wall and thus, create some fake texture. While black is the dominant color for stencils, you are free to choose any color you like. After all, not all walls are painted white!

Harlequin: the ultimate paint trick to refresh a room

Imagine a nursery with harlequin walls! Or, a harlequin design decorating one master bedroom wall. You can choose the size of the patterns and you can choose the colors too. Subtle or intense contrasts will be amazing for nearly any room, especially bedrooms. Why not in the kitchen or bathroom as well?

Polka dots: old classics never die

Polka dots are fabulous. The easier way to achieve this technique is to find a stencil. If you want an extra layer of playfulness, you can paint the polka dots different colors. That would be great for a kid’s room. Or you may want to choose subtle colors so to bring the intensity of the motif, without overdoing it with an intense color too.

Sponge paint: bring texture while hiding flaws

interior paintingThe sponge painting technique is a splendid way to give texture, while hiding some wall imperfections. The sponge technique is not difficult and it can be done with a spongy roller or literally a sponge.

Color wash: making a fresh color look weathered & gorgeous

The color wash painting method is ideal if you like weathered surfaces – or the appearance of patina. The walls are actually painted and brushed, with two but similar colors to make the technique stand out without screaming.

Strie: the painting technique of dragging

interior paintingThe strie technique is an imitation of walls, which have been weathered by the sun, dirt and dust. It is achieved by painting the wall and then dragging the brush vertically to create marks, as if they have been the result of years of abandonment.

Checkerboard: give some walls some personality with squares

Creating a checkerboard on the wall is a bold move, especially if you go for the old classic of black & white. It’s intense, it’s impressive, and it’s one of the best ways to decorate walls, if you like volume and rhythm.

One last note: such interior painting techniques are lovely for all walls, but also for some ceilings and especially for doors too. Go for it!